Cates Farms is known as the source of countless numbers of donor females that have been used successfully both by our own farm and by several other fellow breeders. The CF prefix is recognized worldwide in Shorthorn circles for their benchmarks of femininity, production, and eye appeal, yet with extremely heavy muscle, depth of body, and structural correctness. The following females are some of our more widely used donor females and cows at the farm.

CF RL Cumberland BS 7104
sire: HD Bloodstone 603
dam: WHR Cumberland 4124

Cf dream girl 012 x et
sire: HD Bloodstone 603
dam: SS Dream Girl 210
Owned With: Mallory McCormick

Cf lucky charm 076
sire: HD Bloodstone 603
dam: CF Lucky Charm 255 TP
Owned With: Bailey Clanton

CYT Revival 625 S ET
sire: WHR Sonny
dam: SS Revival 7/8
Owned With: Simon Farms

CF Modoc Margie 523
sire: CF Trump X *X
dam: Margie

CF Red Rose 688 TPS ET *x
sire: CF Trump X *X
dam: NPS Desert Rose 004

SULL Red Countess 8007 ET *ar
sire: SR Red Riders Drive *X
dam: HAA Countess 22P
owned with: WHR Shorthorns

SS Revival 684 ET *x
sire: WHR Sonny 8114 ET *X
dam: SS Revival *XAR
owned with: Schrag Shorthorn Farms

cf Christmas rose
sire: CF Trump X *X
dam: NPS Killian Rose 842
owned with: Simon Farms

BOy Sweet Caroline 070
sire: HD Bloodstone 603 *X
dam: CF Homecoming Queen G D 036
owned with: Keith Lambright

cf Lucky Charm TP 255
sire: CF Trump X *X
dam: LF Lucky Char


Foundation Females

CF DZ fool 387 TP X


CF Crystal 8114 tp *x

CF Homecoming Queen GP 036 *x

CF proud fool 830 et*x

CF Roan Sue 644 tpx *x

CF Dazzle Fool 8105 *x

CF Rodeo Casino 100 *

CF Ellie Mae 770 TPX ET *x

DFS Riders Una Mary 901